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Random Drug Testing


No matter the industry, statistics show that drug and alcohol impairment are both contributing factors regarding accidents on the job. Less drug use equals less chance of injuries and accidents in the workplace.

Pre Employment
Drug Testing

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Post Accident


We’re available 24/7 for post accident drug testing, and help ensure that you remain in compliance with any DOT, OSHA,

Reasonable Suspicion
Drug Testing

Our reasonable suspicion drug testing program discourages workplace drug use, improves workplace safety, and empowers management, 

DOT Drug Testing


DOT drug testing program is constantly monitored and updated to save you from the hassle of keeping up with complicated DOT regulations, and we can test your drivers anywhere, 24/7.

Background Checks


Background checks screen potential new hires to eliminate the type of people who are likely to cause problems withing your organization through conflict, theft, or risky behavior.

Employee Education


We offer First Aid, CPR/AED training with other life saving courses. Including Stop The Bleed and Bloodborne Pathogens.

Services We Provide

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