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Paternity DNA

Gain peace of mind regarding your paternity concerns and put an end to lingering doubts. With our confidential paternity testing services.

DNA Testing Services

Need answers?

Angelmedic offers a wide range of quality DNA testing services for individuals across the state of Florida.

Our primary focus is ensuring that our clients achieve peace of mind, as we guide them every step of the way.

You can finally obtain fast, accurate and reliable answers you need, to resolve important legal matters with confidence, such as…

  • Child Custody

  • Child Support

  • Child Visitation

  • Legitimation

  • Inheritance Rights

  • Immigration

  • Infidelity Suspicion

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Your specimens by visiting our closest collection facility. Using an non- invasive cheek swab. Then sent to the lab for testing.

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Within 2-3 business days by email or call.


Easy Steps

Paternity Test

Want to know who the biological father of your child is?

Looking for a simple and hassle-free test?Angelmedic DNA we provide affordable and legal paternity tests. 



Results are 99.99% accurate Simple and quick We test 21 genetic markers Support at every step of the process

Legal Paternity Test

Need a legal test with court admissible results? At EasyDNA, we offer court approved DNA testing that can be used to settle a number of family-related issues.

Results are 99.99% accurate Court admissible results We test 21 genetic markers Support at every step of the process

Immigration DNA Test

Need to prove the biological relationship between yourself and another relative? Do you need this to show to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and help support your documentation? Our immigration DNA testing service can help to provide the proof of relationship that you need.​

Get the proof you need in days Trusted results Processed in an accredited laboratory Support at every step of the process

Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test

Expecting a baby? Not sure who the father is? Lucky for you, EasyDNA offers one of the most advanced non-invasive prenatal paternity tests on the market, with a 99.9% accuracy rate. This highly accurate, non-invasive test is 100% safe and can be done at just 9 weeks of pregnancy. Order this DNA test today for complete peace-of-mind!

99.9% accuracy rate A risk-free prenatal test Test just 9 weeks into the pregnancy Support at every step of the process

Siblings DNA Test

Do you share one biological parent, or both biological parents? Or perhaps none? EasyDNA offers siblings DNA testing services to help brothers and sisters discover whether they share both biological parents, a single parent or have no parents in common.

Discover whether you're full or half siblings Get answers in 5-7 working days Support at every step of the process

Hair Drug Test

Need to confirm if someone is a drug user? Hair Drug testing is a process that uses a hair sample collected from a donor’s head or body to screen for the use of illicit substances. Hair analysis can accurately detect drugs used up to 90 days prior to the test and has been proven to be five times more effective than urine tests! Results are available in 3 to 5 working days. Choose from the drug testing panels we offer.

Use hair strands for drug testing Quicker and more accurate results Detects drug use in the previous 90 days Support at every step of the process

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