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Level 2 Background
Check Live Scan 

Fingerprinting Services 
Serving Central Florida

We provide Live Scan fingerprinting services for a wide variety of state agencies, programs and industries including:

Adoption, Attorneys and Legal Workers, Banking, Child Care, Construction Industry Licensing, Education, Firearm Permits, Financial Services, Health Care, Human Services, Insurance, Management Services, Mortgage Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Real Estate, Social Services, State Employment, Transportation, and many more!


Live Scan Fingerprinting

Fingerprinting done on a glass scanner that electronically captures your prints.


Ink  Card Fingerprinting

Fingerprinting for the FBI, FINRA, FDLE, or any out of state agency asking for an ink submission.


Background Checks

Fingerprint background checks for the FBI, Florida, FINRA, and many more agencies.


FDLE Fingerprinting

Level 2

Fingerprinting for background checks that need to go to the Florida Department Law Enforcement.

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Employer Background Check 

A non-fingerprintable FCRA compliant background check.


Mobile Appointments

Have a fingerprinting technician come right to your door and fingerprint you on the spot!

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Top reasons employers conduct background checks

Reviewing a candidate’s background check helps you hire the most qualified person for the job.

  • Make fair, informed decisions

Employment background checks help you assess a candidate’s qualifications based on reliable information.

  • Comply with industry regulations

Some federal, state and industry laws require a background screening as part of the hiring process.

  • Maintain a safe work environment

Background checks help you manage risk and protect your organization against liability claims.

If you are in Florida, you will need to get an ORI number from your employer or requesting agency. Once you have the ORI number required for your application type, you can then enroll online and walk into your selected location. All Live Scan transactions are transmitted to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) or ACHA, you will be given a TCN number that you can provide to your requesting agency so that they are able to view your background check results. 

ORI Numbers in Florida

* ORI Number represents the “Originating Agency Identification”. This is typically a 9 Digit identifier associated with the specific agency receiving your results. You need to know your ORI number before you can schedule your Level II background check for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. It is your responsibility to provide this number to the fingerprinting professional for the results to reach the correct agency requesting your results.
you will be given a TCN number that you can provide to your requesting agency so that they are able to view your background check results.

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What date and time works best for you?

For state agencies and regulated industries, a Level 1 background check in Florida searches records based on the job candidate’s name only (versus fingerprints, which are used in a Level 2 check). A Level 1 check includes, but is not limited to:

  • Verification of employment history

  • A statewide criminal records check

Level 1 background check

Level 2 background check involves a national fingerprint-based check and a comprehensive Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and FBI checks.

The FDLE describes a level 2 background check as a fingerprint-based background check that should be conducted on employees holding positions of trust and responsibility. These are employees working with the elderly, children, and other vulnerable groups

Level 2 background check

Background Tests Offered


Check The Status

Deciphering the TCN (Transaction Control Number)
The TCN, or Transaction Control Number, is a unique identifier that allows you or your agency to track the status of your fingerprint submission within the Florida system.
To check the status using your TCN, visit FDLE's TCN Lookup. Alternatively, you can contact FDLE directly at 850-410-8109. When reaching out to FDLE, be prepared to provide the date of your fingerprinting and your TCN number.

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